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A Deep Understanding of the Attack Landscape

White-Hat safeguards its customers’ business using innovative methodologies and an in-depth understanding of the attacker’s mindset and landscape. Based on Israel, with a team of 70 experts, many of them veterans of elite cyber units in the Israeli military, we focus on proactive cyber defense customized to our customers’ needs.

Since 2013, we have handled some of the most sophisticated attacks in the world, and continue to do so daily for governmental, banking, insurance, aerospace and energy organizations worldwide.

White-Hat brings a unique edge to the Cyber world to the benefit of our customers: We live and breathe the Cyber ecosystem, providing a variety of services enabled by insider knowledge of how attacks are planned and carried out. With our hands-on, practical approach, we provide an end-to-end solution to the breach, performing all the work and bringing the organization back to business-as-usual. This is done entirely with the customer’s existing in-house tools, without the need for costly purchases.

White-Hat harnesses its unique Cyber perspective and methodologies to protect our customers with effective, swift and practical solutions.  Always one step ahead of our adversaries, we provide our customers with solutions that block the threats of today and counter the threats of tomorrow.

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A Proactive Hands-On Approach




An Attacker’s Mindset: Our team brings together talented white hat hackers who are active members in live hacker communities. This positions us on the attacker’s end, with an attacker’s perspective, understanding and mindset, and makes all the difference in the world. Many Cyber professionals tend to rely on a defensive approach, which dictates a linear state of mind. Unfortunately, that’s not how attackers think and operate - an attack is a multi-faceted, distributed process. This huge gap between the defender and the attacker is the facilitator for most successful attacks.

We Don’t Just Tell You What’s Wrong, We Fix It: White-Hat provides customers with an end-to-end Cyber resilience solution, from recoding an attack (payload/silver bullet) to exploiting vulnerabilities and blocking them. With our hands-on approach, we actually solve the problem and bring the customer back to a business-as-usual mode. We don’t just consult, or provide a list of forklift requirements, leaving the customer with a mission-impossible task – we act. No tasks left open – ours is a true game-over solution.


Experience with Challenges on a National Scale: Our team comprises talents from Israel’s elite Cyber military units of the highest caliber, who have a wealth of experience with high-impact projects. The Israeli military uses superior technologies to counter formidable threats, with an intensity and sense of purpose that provides the most challenging Cyber training available.


Our Skills, Your In-House Tools: Our offering is the hands-on services of our elite professionals. We don’t sell products, so our only focus is providing a practical, robust solution for our customers with their existing systems. With our services, you’ll receive exactly what you need – full Cyber resilience, without any requirements to replace company infrastructure. Providing custom services rather than products, we are not bound by any schedules, considerations or interests other than protecting our client, staying on top of the Cyber ecosystem, and creating counter measures for current attacks. 

Fueled by Current Cyber Trends: Our team is always up-to-speed with the latest trends, attacks and events in the cyber ecosystem.  Whenever a new breed of attack surfaces, we are immediately fueled by it, using it as inspiration for silver bullets, or focused simulated attacks. The cycles of cyber-attacks are extremely short, so in order to ensure our relevancy, we live and breathe the attacker community. While many large vendors find it challenging to keep up, our agility allows us to easily align with this swift pace. Our customers never have to ask – their defense is regularly updated with up-and-coming new tools on a regular basis.



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Today, Cyber defense does not ensure resilience. The gap between the attacker and the defender’s outlook is astounding - most attacks and their source are almost a mirror image of where the defense is generally focused.

Attackers don’t usually approach the front door - they are not interested in the defense mechanisms used by the organization. The organization’s layers of protection are not the key, as attacks easily create channels that bypass them. Instead, attackers explore the organization’s connections, networking, tools, website code, emails, information flow and stakeholders. Attackers study the organization, the way it does business and works with suppliers. They use social engineering and intricate strategies. They don’t meet defenders in the same arena - while defenders often install more and more defense products, they’re not even aware that they’re playing the wrong game. Anti-viruses are not relevant, and technology is not enough. Whatever you installed in your organization, it’s only 50% of the defense you need. White-Hat will bolster you with the defense you need.


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Incident Response

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