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IR & SOC Analyst

Job Requirements:


-Knowledge in web development

-Intelligent reports [tools (scan, subDomains, use of KeyBase, good understanding of Malwares - kinds & types of actions, searching the Darknet), ideas, origins,  good understanding of PT's scanning tools, IOC's]

- good understanding of Practical Malware Analysis book (emphasis on the first three episodes + labs).

-good understanding of:

  •  MITRE Attack.

  • Windows Internals  [scripts, OS elements - AD, memory, files, registry, SYSMON, Domain (users, permissions, authentication methods)]

  • Linux (scripts)

  • Basic WEB architecture

  • Communication (OSI, communication flow, known protocols, Traffic analysis tool)

  • Logs investigation

  • Rules formats - stix, sigma, yara  (including writing rules)

  • Defense tools - SIEM (creation of rules, alerts & ability to set up one In the cloud and analyze his computer),  MDM, Mail Relay, EDR, WAF, FW, NAC, DLP.

  • Attack techniques (web & infrastructure attacks)

  • Python, powershell, bash.

Send your CV to: [email protected]


Security Auditor & Pentester 


- Performing penetration tests and auditing on client, web and mobile applications and on network infrastructures.

- Examine and understand complex applications and architectures.

- Detecting and exploiting weaknesses and vulnerabilities in applications and networks.

- Working in Linux and Windows environments 

- Delivering pen-test reports followed by best practices and common mitigations  - Performing code reviews and detecting programming flaws.

- Assessing risks to client from findings.


Must Have:

- Good understanding of network communication and protocols.

- Basic understanding of security concepts.

- Prior programming knowledge - preferably python.

- Knowledge of secure coding.

- Experience in working in Linux environment.

- Understanding of common threats and attack vectors.

- Experience in attacking machines.

Send your CV to: [email protected]

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