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Today, the use of security solutions is not enough. Many organizations have suffered attacks despite their use of state-of-art security solutions, including SIEM and SOC solutions. This generally owes to reliance on an outdated alert-centered approach.

Our threat hunting service proactively seeks adversaries, malicious and suspicious activity in the organization’s perimeter. Rather than waiting for the next alert or attack, this service enables detecting threats and vulnerabilities and preventing damages in advance, offering insight into potential attack methodologies.

This service builds a protection strategy from the inside out. We penetrate the organization’s systems with the goal of identifying the system’s weak points and protecting the critical assets of the organization, detecting malware and blocking the vectors that lead outward. Besides identifying immediate threats and removing attackers from the organization’s environment, our threat hunting helps the organization improve automated threat detection systems and prevent future breaches.

The hunting process comprises several stages

  • Defining the hunting scope (i.e. malicious network activity)

  • Collecting data and logs using the customer’s systems

  • Data processing using Big Data mechanisms for superior productivity

  • Data analysis and rule-based mitigation

As with our other services, this is performed using the organization’s existing resources, so the client is not obligated to buy any designated software or systems.

Threat Hunting

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Attack Hunter main screen
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