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Eye Of

The Enemy

White-Hat's Eye of the Enemy service embraces the attacker’s perspective and methodologies to optimize the organization’s defense strategy. It provides defense by means of offence. Under this service, we explore the ways in which the attacker might view an organization, and the channels through which attackers can infiltrate its network, in order to block malignant attempts.

Among our tools are “silver bullets”, which are payloads we build to infiltrate our customers’ defenses and simulate the attack on their network. We adjust our payloads to each customer’s system, run them on the organization’s network, and then create system and behavioral rules that seal the resilience of the relevant vectors. We run these payloads on our customers’ networks several times a month, enabling our clients to stay far ahead of the attackers.

We perform all the actions and workflows of the attackers, from intelligence and reconnaissance to actual attacks. This service is based on extensive research - the same kind practiced by Black Hat hackers – handled by our seasoned intelligence team that follows trends, weaknesses and worldwide cyber events. The team monitors hundreds of hacking forums (more constantly join the list) and collects hard-to-obtain, valuable information.

As with our other services, this is performed using the organization’s existing resources, so the client is not obligated to buy any designated software or systems.

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Eye of the Enemy main screen
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