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Global Cyber


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Our Global Cyber Intelligence service includes 24/7 cyber coverage, monitoring and assessment of the threats hovering over the organization, for swift and effective mitigation of risks to the business and reinforced cyber resilience. Our team of analysts monitors the threat environment via sophisticated proprietary tools that alert on any new development.

This service provides the customer with a comprehensive outlook on the security environment. Under this service, our SOC investigates any attack attempt, analyzes severity and potential repercussions relating to the customers’ business and stakeholders, and provides an adequate response plan to block malicious activity. With our Global Cyber intelligence, the customer is be able to properly address threats as they arise and respond to them effectively.


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Live Purple Team

  • Have you ever trained your analysts in YOUR own environment? Not on external labs with default configurations.

  •  Real attack simulations, live investigation, as close as it gets to a possible incident.

  • Delivered by our Israeli ex 8200 unit professionals – all based on real scenarios our IR team handled, latest attack paths!

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With our Advanced Persistence Threat services, we launch a simulated full-scale attack flow on the customer’s organization, from intelligence gathering through footprinting and reconnaissance, all the way to executing the attack. We perform thousands of attack flows throughout a multitude of vectors, simulating various possible malicious actions against your organization.

We detect and exploit the weakness and vulnerabilities of the organization, from infrastructure issues to human and behavioral issues that bear potential for breaches and damages. No weak point will be overlooked.

This provides the customer with an accurate reflection of the organization’s security status, and a detailed picture of the level of the exposure and threat map. Pinpointing weak points and evaluating the exposure provides a better understanding on how to block the cyber gaps and improve the organization’s security posture.


Penetration Test

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Many organizations avoid systematic checks of their defenses and assessment of vulnerabilities, often leading to painful compromises. White-Hat offers customers a variety of penetration tests, customized to the organization’s environment. Our team comprises expert infrastructure and application professionals that accompany the customer from the process of characterizing and demarcating the project to the infrastructure application test, the repair process and penetration testing for every required aspect. Our testing covers various penetration testing types, including network connections, organization scope, application layers and infrastructure, as well as information security surveys.

Our exceptional understanding of malevolent activity and workflows enables our clients to determine their level of exposure, detect and mitigate security vulnerabilities, attain insight into possible targets, and prevent cyber breaches in advance.

We base the methodology of our infrastructural attacks on current attacks, using the vast information acquired through our intelligence team and experience. The teams carry out all the known stages of vulnerability identification, exploitation attempts, privilege escalation, propagation on the network, and more.

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